7 Mountains of Culture

Transformative Leadership in Contemporary Culture

Two propositions are arguably true: (1) The Arts & Entertainment mountain is preeminent in its power to influence belief by affecting emotions; and (2) Those with a secularist, non-Christian worldview dominate the Arts & Entertainment mountain of culture… Read More

Every Christian…has a leadership role to play in this mountain of culture – whether as an employee, a manager, an owner, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a consumer….Read More

Everyone is touched by education. It’s a powerful shaper of not only knowledge, but values and beliefs…Read More

God’s best design for the family, headed by a husband and wife, has been under relentless spiritual and cultural assault for decades… Read More.

The growth of government in America, at every level, has thrust this mountain of culture into the center of discussion and debate on virtually every topic…Read More

Journalism, as America once knew it, is dying. Where once media outlets published news stores based on factual reporting and separate editorials reflecting opinion, the line between reporting and editorializing has largely disappeared…Read More

There is an epidemic of truth-denial in our culture, and this is especially the case when it comes to Christianity…Read More