The 7 Mountains of Culture

The Mountain of Media

Journalism, as America once knew it, is dying.

Where once media outlets published news stores based on factual reporting and separate editorials reflecting opinion, the line between reporting and editorializing has largely disappeared.

Newsrooms have increasingly become hot houses for political and ideological activism. Three generations of journalism students have been steeped in a new mission for journalism: a duty to be change agents.

The call to be change agents is, without question, largely dominated by those adhering to a secular and left-of-center ideology.  It simply is not a stretch to tag a great deal of what purports to be “news” today as “propaganda.”

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, this is a mountain of culture that Christians can significantly influence – if they will.  Unfortunately, social media has become the dominant form of media, and the secular, left-of-center bias of social media giants from Facebook to Twitter is really beyond dispute.

The ability to know when, where and how to influence within this mountain of culture is crucial if we as Christians are to seize the opportunities before us and be persuasive and impactful in the culture.