The Vision and Mission of Flourishing Leadership, LLC


Flourishing Leadership, LLC exists to see Christian leaders equipped, empowered and unleashed to live out the full, joyful, transformative potential of their identities and leadership callings.


Our mission and passion is to assist, guide, encourage and support Christian leaders, through non-directed leadership coaching and advisory consulting, in their journeys living out their identities and leadership callings.

President, Flourishing Leadership, LLC

Certified Professional Leadership Coach and Consultant

Guy Rodgers is certified as a Professional Leadership Coach by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, regarded as one of the nation’s premier organizations dedicated to the training of high-level coaches. Frequently referred to by colleagues as a “leader of leaders,” Rodgers has worked with, coached and been a consultant to leaders in the education, business, political, non-profit, and Christian ministry sectors, as well as holding a number of executive leadership positions within these sectors. He is currently the President of Flourishing Leadership, LLC, whose motto is “Unleashing the Fullness of Your Leadership Calling.”

Rodgers founded Flourishing Leadership, LLC, to provide coaching, consulting, and community, to Christian leaders who desire to live authentically from their Christ-given identities and rise to the fullness of their leadership callings.

A past member of the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals and a life member of the National Registry of Who’s Who, his forty-year professional career has been notably rich, influential and diverse:

  • Co-owner of a successful small business.
  • Adjunct professor at the graduate level.
  • Director of Government Relations for a home and Christian school coalition.
  • Congressional Campaign Manager.
  • Vice-President of an economic and tax reform non-profit organization.
  • National Field Director for a highly successful, nationwide Christian grassroots issues advocacy organization.
  • Vice-President of a market research and public opinion company.
  • Founder of two political consulting and strategy firms, whose clients included:
    • Four presidential campaigns

    • Over a dozen campaigns for U.S. Senate and House

    • A state Attorney General and two gubernatorial campaigns

    • Several state legislative campaigns

    • Candidates for public office in Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay.

  • Founder and President of a non-profit Christian education foundation.
  • Inaugural Executive Director of the largest grassroots organization in America dedicated to advocacy for national security and anti-terrorism policies.
  • President & CEO of Pinnacle Forum, a national network of Christian leaders in all walks of life, whose motto is “Transforming Leaders Who Transform Culture.”

Rodgers is a graduate of the Buckley School of Public Speaking, recognized as “the premier public speaking training school for CEO’s, executives and other professionals,” where he was awarded both the Silver Medal for Oratorical Excellence and The Orator’s Award, the latter of which has been awarded to fewer than 5% of the school’s attendees over the past 25 years.