Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching is non-directive, practiced within the protocols and competencies of the International Coaching Federation.

Guy Rodgers, President of Flourishing Leadership, LLC, is a certified Professional Leadership Coach, Certified by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI). PCCI is regarded as one of the nation’s premier organizations dedicated to the training and certification of Christian coaches according to the competencies established by the International Coaching Federation.

Non-directive coaching is characterized by active listening, powerful questions, guidance and the creation of awareness, all of which helps the client overcome obstacles, solve problems, become more self-aware, and explore and discover new ideas and pathways to move forward and grow. As practiced by Rodgers, leadership coaching helps foster self-discovery of each client’s unique Christ-given identity and the unleashing of the fullness of each client’s leadership calling.


Consulting is more advisory than coaching. The consultant not only helps the client in ways that a coach would, the consultant is more engaged in equipping, pro-actively providing ideas, suggestions, strategies and solutions in ways that a non-directive coach does not.

For nearly three decades, Rodgers has provided strategic consulting to dozens of leaders in fields including pastoral ministry, politics, non-profit leadership, and business. With each client he continually explores the ideal blend of coaching and consulting so as to best serve the needs of the client.