The 7 Mountains of Culture

The Mountain of Religion

“All rivers lead to the ocean.”

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as what you believe works for you.”

“There are no absolutes.”

We’ve all heard these, and similar, comments about religion and truth. There is an epidemic of truth-denial in our culture, and this is especially the case when it comes to Christianity. The fact is, such statements like these cannot be simultaneously true, because different religions hold to truth claims that are at odds with each other.

And what is ironic is that, in a day when so many deny the existence of absolute, objective truth, it is common for these deniers to cling to their opinions with a dogmatic ferocity that what they believe is absolutely true.

We desperately need Christians who can, with courage, confidence and grace, be effective defenders, or “apologists,” for the faith. Who, through their influence, can be a light for transformation in the place where God has placed them. See I Pet. 3:15, where we are exhorted to give an “answer” (the Greek word “apologia”), or “plea,” or “defense”, of our faith.