The 7 Mountains of Culture

The Mountain of Business

The business mountain of culture is unique in that every single person interacts within it. We buy. We sell. We offer services. We use services.

Every Christian, therefore, has a leadership role to play in this mountain of culture – whether as an employee, a manager, an owner, an entrepreneur, an investor, or a consumer.  This is where you, the Christian leader, can influence everyone from an atheist to a Muslim to a devout Christian.

Our goal at Flourishing Leadership, LLC. is to help equip leaders in this mountain of culture to lead more effectively, persuasively and influentially.  The mid-20th century church-centric model, in which most people attend church and we can interact with them there, is rapidly becoming obsolete.

“Our surveys reveal that 90-97% of Christians have never heard a sermon relating biblical principles to their work life.”
-Doug Sherman, author, Your Work Matters to God. 


Now is the time for “equipping the saints” to advance God’s kingdom in the marketplace.