The 7 Mountains of Culture

The Mountain of Education

“From 1980 to 1982, I discovered first-hand how God can influence the Education Mountain through a willing vessel. While a public high school teacher, I found myself at the heart of an outpouring of His Spirit that changed the lives of dozens and dozens of students and teachers.”

- Guy Rodgers

Everyone is touched by education. It’s a powerful shaper of not only knowledge, but values and beliefs.  Secularists like John Dewey understood this, regarding education as the means by which to transform American society from one informed by Judeo-Christian beliefs and values to one informed by secularism.


Today, Christian leaders in education face challenges unprecedented in our history, and will need guidance, support, prayer and truth, in order to make a difference.  Even a large percentage of Christian schools have been significantly influenced by secularist ideology, methodologies and practices.  Polling consistently reveals that over 40% of millennials have no interest in whether or not God exists.  They’re not even searching.  We desperately need Christian leadership to reach them.