The 7 Mountains of Culture

The Mountain of Family

God’s best design for the family, headed by a husband and wife, has been under relentless spiritual and cultural assault for decades.

A watershed moment occurred when no-fault divorce became the universal civil policy position in America.  Marriage was transformed from a “covenant” to a “convenience.”

Fast forward to 2022, and the definition of marriage has been turned on its head, with polls now showing majorities of Americans – including many Christians – in support of same-sex “marriage.”


For decades we’ve been witnessing the devastating collapse of the biblical, natural family.  Endless studies document the fallout from this collapse, such as how children without fathers suffer in everything from poorer health to diminished educational achievement to a higher propensity for criminal behavior. 


As noble as it is to provide services to those in need as a result of this collapse, we need a renaissance of pro-active action to head off further collapse and, God willing, reverse this destructive trend. 


Christian leaders called to serve faithfully, with a biblical balance of truth and grace, within this mountain of culture are needed now, more than ever. 2